Judy Lyons joined Putnam Partners in 2015 after two decades producing business and political television news in New York and Washington. In addition to running the firm’s day-to-day operations, Judy’s business experience makes her a natural fit for the firm’s corporate work. She’s helped trade unions, consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies manage their reputational issues and controversies.

As a journalist, TV news producer and now as an ad-maker at Putnam Partners, Judy is involved from story generation to script writing to field production to show development. A veteran of Bloomberg TV and CNBC, Judy helped launch three national news shows, producing programs focused on the intersection of Capitol Hill, Wall Street and Main Street.

Judy spent a year aboard Air Force Two as an embedded television producer on Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. She was also a member of the travelling press corps for both the Clinton and Bush White Houses.

As a former news producer who was on the receiving end of countless pitches for stories, Judy has a deep understanding of what makes a great story. Judy knows how to tell attention-getting stories that break through in today’s fast-moving and crowded media market. She helps clients tell their authentic stories, using the research-based, fast-turnaround methodology Putnam Partners uses to help its political clients win.

When a bottled water company faced legislation in multiple states threatening its production, Judy led a TV, radio and print campaign that not only caused the misguided legislation to fade quietly away, but also communicated the environmentally positive work by the company that led to double-digit increases in trust and favorability in the targeted states.

When a long-time, well-known steel manufacturer wanted to become a leader in corporate responsibility, Judy led a multi-state ad campaign highlighting the company’s strong commitment to the environment and good-paying jobs.

When she isn’t traveling for work, Judy travels for fun. In 2014, she pulled her 7th and 4th grade kids out of school for three months to drive across the U.S. and Canada, camping in national forests and fulfilling her dream of writing a novel. She's camped under the stars in Namibia, hitchhiked in Uganda, tracked gorillas in Zaire, knows Paris block by block, bargained for her living room rug in Istanbul, and was tear-gassed in a riot in Athens - where she learned the important life lesson to put lemon slices on your eyes to neutralize the gas.

Judy has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University and a joint M.A. in Journalism and an M.B.A. from New York University.