Kevin McKeon, a Partner, joined the firm after four cycles in leadership at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

In 2018, Kevin served as one of our firm’s lead campaign strategists for five of the democratic congressional candidates who flipped seats from red to blue. Additionally, he led our efforts to help flip nine more seats in the House through his work with the DCCC IE and House Majority PAC.

McKeon also served as campaign strategist for the successful ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage in Missouri and for MJ Hegar whose first ad was seen by nearly 5 million people after going viral and named by AdWeek as one of the 25 best ads of 2018; the only political ad to make the list.

Prior to joining Putnam Partners, Kevin played a leading role on 53 campaigns in 24 states that flipped from Republican to Democrat while at the DCCC, becoming known for his ability to localize national issues and trends in ways that connect with persuadable voters.

Kevin finished his DCCC tenure as the Committee’s Director of Strategy and the Deputy Executive Director of its Independent Expenditure (IE) Program. Overseeing a twenty-person team, he used a data driven and an analytical approach to improve the effectiveness and lower the cost of the IE’s broadcast and cable buying strategies. At the same time, he presided over a cutting-edge digital persuasion advertising program, one of the first to show a measurable impact on voter attitudes. Early success with this program led to a 450% increase in the DCCC IE's digital spending over previous cycles.

While carefully managing the financial resources of the IE using the latest data and technology, he also worked to improve the creativity of the messages themselves. As the National Journal put it, these “aren't your average outside ads,” and that “the committee's creative, out-of-the-box independent-expenditure ads, tailored to each district” were a “bright spot,” in the DCCC’s 2014 efforts.

In three cycles of leadership of the DCCC IE program, Kevin oversaw $190 million of polling, mail, digital and television advertising in over 80 media markets across the country. He took a leading role in ten victorious competitive special elections, five of which saw Republican-held seats won by a Democratic challenger.

In addition to his IE leadership, while at the DCCC, Kevin built and led the Democratic Party’s largest ever research operation described by the New York Times as “formidable,” and by the Washington Post as “moving faster and more aggressively,” than ever before.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Kevin resides in Washington, DC with his wife and two daughters.