Hubbul joined Putnam Partners as an Associate in 2021. Originally from Pakistan, Hubbul grew up Texan, wearing cowboy boots, listening to country music, and going to football games.

Hubbul's first exposure to the fraught political times we live in occurred in 2015 when she was the first Muslim woman to be elected Lt. Governor at Texas Girls State – a prestigious summer program for high school students sponsored by The American Legion. When Hubbul was told she would be sworn in on a Bible, she told the Girls State organizers that she did not worship the Bible and would be more comfortable being sworn in on the Quran. This caused a major stir and consternation among the adult sponsors of the program the day before the swearing-in ceremony was to occur.

On swearing-in day, the adult sponsors told Hubbul that they had decided overnight that she could indeed be sworn in on a Quran, but that none was available. Also, her planned escort to the swearing-in ceremony, conservative Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, canceled at the last minute with no reason given despite the long tradition of the serving state Lt. Governor swearing in the Girls State Lt. Governor. So Hubbul entered the state legislative chamber without Lt. Governor Dan Partick and was sworn in without a book.

Despite all of this, Hubbul’s experience at Girls State led to the certainty that she wanted to get involved in politics. She went on to study Government at The University of Texas at Austin where she started the annual First-Generation Graduation, celebrating first-generation graduating seniors for reaching an important milestone. Since graduation, Hubbul has worked in various positions helping to elect Democratic candidates. She has worked in two election cycles in Texas and has also served as the Deputy Communications Director for the Texas House of Representatives at the Texas Capitol. During her time as Deputy Communications Director, she navigated the prevalent gun culture and led a gun reform campaign in South Texas after the Santa Fe shooting in 2018.

When she’s not working, Hubbul enjoys reading, pilates, and occasionally eating Whataburger.

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