Senior Vice President

Frank Eaton has been shooting film and video for 30 years. In 2022, he won more Pollie Awards than any individual ad maker in Democratic politics.

He has been kidnapped and is considered political advertising’s only quadruple threat: able to strategize, write, shoot and edit a spot completely alone, on time and under budget.

He is the father of two, born sixteen years apart, and an amateur paleontologist. 

He is the son of an atomic veteran who believed himself sterile after attending 17 nuclear explosions in the Marshall Islands. 

The preceding statements, all true, are examples of the personal, propulsive, political style he’s known for.  A good opening is essential. Follow that up with hairpin turns to maintain attention. Shoot it well and close, in natural light. Sincerity is at a premium in politics. Performance should be minimal. Voters can tell a lie and the camera can’t tell one at all.

He regularly leads the industry in views for campaign launch videos, the ROI for which is routinely 10:1 or greater. 

He believes in fighting the good fight, the power of the people to bend the arc of history, good polling, and the healing power of the sea.

Instagram: mrfrankeaton

Twitter: bullydoc