Vice President

Bryan “Boo” Yuen is a Vice President at Putnam Partners. Boo’s first experience with campaign politics was phone banking in a pantry-sized room for a mayoral candidate in his home state of California. While in college, Boo wrote for his college satire magazine, where he got his second experience with political campaigns, helping to run two different satirical candidates for student government president, one of whom won the election.

Boo turned from humor to serious politics as an intern for Putnam Partners, where he worked on the production and post-production of a video for the Democratic National Convention. In the past three cycles with the firm, Boo has written, directed, or produced over 200 TV, radio, digital, and print ads for political campaigns, non-profits, and corporate clients.

On the production side, Boo has done anything and everything to help make ambitious creative concepts come to life. He’s wrangled birds, sourced 1960’s era film stock, and even carried NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce’s coffee. Regardless of the project’s budget, Boo takes pride in putting in the rarely seen work in planning and managing an ad from the time it’s a few scribbled notes on a research call to the time the project debuts.

In addition to his experience in production, Boo has worked closely with the firm’s partners as a second-in-command on development and execution of creative and media plans. For a multinational beverage company, Boo was tasked with writing and directing creative as well as implementing media plans for the company across multiple states. He also produced the corporate values video that kicked off a national brand campaign.

Whether it’s an ad with a local disability advocate or a nostalgia piece about the good old days of manufacturing, Boo is an expert at incorporating local details into persuasive communications. Among his highlights are helping to re-elect Gov. Gina Raimondo (RI), Rep. Andy Kim (NJ), Mayor Michael Hancock (Denver, CO), and Mayor Joe Hogsett (Indianapolis, IN). Boo has also helped challengers in critical red state campaigns develop some of the most heralded viral political videos of recent years.

In addition to working directly for candidate campaigns, Boo also worked closely with the House Majority PAC and DCCC IE campaigns on their media plans to elect Democrats across the country. In the difficult 2020 cycle for down-ballot democrats, that independent expenditure work included producing the ads in GA-07, one of only three seats to flip from red to blue for Democrats in 2020, as well as the successful defenses of Rep. Lucy McBath and Rep. Abigail Spanberger in their respective swing districts.

Boo is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Government.